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Our comprehensive portfolio of services provides solutions for all of your IT operations and security needs. Whether your concerns lie within technology, operations or information security, our team will help you design a strategy that protects your business and enables it to thrive.


Security Engineering Services

  • Security component integration. Retriever Services will assist your team with targeted selection, design, installation and tuning of critical security components including network, application, firewalls, SIEM devices, etc.
  • Security component optimization. Retriever Services will help your team analyze and configure your existing security components for maximum effectiveness.
  • Production system hardening. We’ll help virtualize servers, transition shared storage, condense your data center and reconfigure the final assembly in accordance with industry best practices to minimize points of vulnerability.

Security Assessment Services

  • Production systems vulnerability assessments. We’ll thoroughly investigate your current data center(s) for unmitigated vulnerabilities and will recommend best practices for reducing your exposure.
  • Comprehensive penetration testing. Our expert infiltrators will conduct type-specific or general benign penetrations of your facilities, networks and programs to help identify where adversaries may be able to gain access in the future.
  • Governance Risk & Compliance auditing. Retriever Services will work with your operations and security staff to dispassionately analyze your current compliance with whatever industry standard or regulatory requirements you’re subject to and will offer expert advice on how to mitigate non-compliant areas.

Security Strategy Services

  • Strategic plan development. After a comprehensive analysis, we will work with your executive leaders to craft a long-term plan for the attainment of critical security program goals and milestones.
  • Information architecture design analysis. Retriever Services will perform a high-level overview of your global enterprise network to identify and prioritize areas requiring improvement or hardening.
  • Security technology assessments. Retriever Services will thoroughly evaluate a specific device, solution, program or other element to determine how suitable it is for your production environment, how well it’ll meet your needs, and what can be done to maximize its efficacy.

Incident Response Services

  • Digital evidence capture and analysis. After a Security Incident, Retriever Services will capture forensically sound evidence on affected machines, following law enforcement standards to guarantee that all collected evidence will be admissible and relevant in court.
  • Post-incident recovery support. Our team will assist your operations staff to identify and mitigate all of the damage inflicted on your environment, including sealing off the breaches that the adversary used to get inside your systems.
  • Post-incident critical communications support. Retriever Services will help translate the cyber security language into relatable and clear core messages that help keep your stakeholders, customers, regulators and the general public accurately informed.

Professional Team Services

  • Security team surge support. When time is critical, rely on Retriever Services’ trained and credentialed consultants to augment your existing critical staff until such time as new permanent employees can be brought in for longer-term support.
  • Security talent acquisition. Leverage Retriever Services’ presence the cyber security community to find, attract, and vet viable candidates for trusted placement in your new-hire pipeline.
  • Security training and education. Keep your team’s morale high both targeted technical training and long-term professional education, taught and mentored by Retriever Services’ program experts.


Systems Integration Services

  • Infrastructure component integration. Retriever Services offers targeted selection, design, installation and tuning of data network components, including routers, managed switches, wireless components, etc.
  • Network optimization services. Retriever Services will help your staff to analyze and re-configure your existing data infrastructure components for maximum effectiveness.
  • Wired and wireless infrastructure expansion. Retriever Services will install and integrate new WAN, LAN and WLAN infrastructure elements to extend your production data network to wherever its needed.

Solution Development Services

  • Production systems analysis. Retriever Services will investigate your current data center(s) for underperforming elements and will recommend best practices for modernizing your core services.
  • Subsidiary integration planning. Retriever Services expert architects will analyze a partner, acquired company or merger partner to work out the most effective plan for thoroughly integrating the two production environments with a minimum of drama.
  • Service delivery methodology optimization. Retriever Services work with your technical support staff to help restructure and re-balance their service delivery model to come into compliance with the industry-leading ITIL methodology.

Data Center Virtualization Services

  • Complete data center virtualization. Retriever Services will help virtualize servers, transition to shared storage, condense your data center and re-configure the final assembly in accordance with industry best practices to minimize points of vulnerability.
  • Physical-to-virtual conversion services. Retriever Services will assist in the conversion of existing legacy servers to virtual machines, including the transition from bespoke host OS builds to virtualization-optimized gold master VM OS builds.
  • Enterprise storage conversion. Retriever Services will select, install, configure and populate new Storage Area Network solutions into your data center, and will help activate advanced features like de-duplication, site-to-site mirroring, and automated fail-over.

Off-Site Technical Services

  • Hardware pre-deployment services. Retriever Services will receive, inspect, prepare, burn-in and configure your new hardware to your exact specifications on your behalf before sending a rack-ready component to its new point-of-delivery location.
  • Component re-configuration services. Retriever Services will perform complex re-configuration work on your production equipment, ranging from refurbishment for reuse to secure destruction.
  • Outsourced lifecycle management. Retriever Services will take over part or all of your IT logistics support functions, from procuring new end-user equipment to managing your maintenance and repair contracts.

Professional Team Services

  • Operations team surge support. Instead of hiring expensive expert staff, draw on Retriever Services’ stable of trained and credentialed consultants to augment your existing critical staff to handle short-term, high-intensity workloads and projects.
  • Technical talent acquisition. Leverage Retriever Services’ extensive industry relationships to find, attract and vet viable candidates for trusted placement throughout your business.
  • Technical training and education. Retriever Services delivers and facilitates both technical training and long-term professional education at all echelons of the modern IT organization.

Desktop as a Service (DaaS)

  • Starting with an application assessment to thoroughly understand the current resource utilization of the physical infrastructure, a critical component to right-sizing the solution
  • Based on assessment results, properly sized virtual desktop infrastructure either cloud hosted or on-premise  paired with Retriever zero clients ensure no data rest on endpoints
  • Staffed with dedicated onsite or remote resident experts to keep the environment running smoothly without any of your resources
  • Available on an annual DaaS subscription model

Resolute Focus. Unwavering Discipline.

When you need assistance with your IT needs, you expect to receive great customer service from a team with unwavering focus. With Retriever Services, that is exactly what you’ll get. Our experienced consultants to carry out your strategic plans from start to finish, with no interruptions.

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